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LOWLAND OUTDOOR® insulated sleeping pad - 198 cm x 66 cm x 10 cm - R-Value 5,2

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Being both lightweight and rugged the LOWLAND OUTDOOR® insulated is an ideal sleeping pad for the avid backpacker to casual camper.
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LOWLAND OUTDOOR® insulated sleeping pad - 198 cm x 66 cm x 10 cm - R-Value 5,2

LOWLAND OUTDOOR insulated sleeping pad - R-Value 5,2

A comfortable night's sleep in the outdoors

Are you a real adventurous camper who prefers to spend the night in the open air or in your tent? Then the LOWLAND OUTDOOR® insulated sleeping mat should certainly not be missing! A good night's sleep ensures a good continuation of your journey. This sleeping mat offers every camper a comfortable night's sleep. It has a striking design and is easy to carry.

Protection and comfort

This sleeping mat from LOWLAND OUTDOOR® weighs only 1150 grams and is filled with air after blowing 20 - 25 times. The material, 4-Way Stretch 40D polyester with TPU coating, is durable and ensures that the sleeping mat is durable and soft to the touch. The sleeping mat can be described in four words: comfortable, lightweight, robust and insulating. Finally, the LOWLAND OUTDOOR® sleeping mat is supplied with a storage cover and repair kit.

This comfortable sleeping mat has a unique curved design which ensures a very stable location, no matter how you sleep. The mat has an ergonomic shape, weighs only 1150 grams and can be folded compactly.

The thickness of the sleeping mat can vary between 8 and 12 cm. This depends on how hard the sleeping mat is inflated.

What is R-Value?

The final amount of insulation that a mat has to offer is standard expressed in a figure. This figure is called the R-value (R-value) and every manufacturer should mention it in his mats. The higher this figure, the warmer you sleep on the mat.
In general, the following values "‹"‹are used as a guide:

R-value lower than 1.5: high summer mat (for night temperature above roughly 10 ° c)
R-value lower than 2.5: summer mat (up to freezing point)
R-value between 2.5 and 4.0: 3 season mat (suitable for light night frost)
R-value higher than 4.0: winter mat (suitable for moderate to severe frost)
R-value higher than 5.0: recommended when camping on snow


Lowland sleeping pad features:

  • The ideal sleeping mat for the adventurous camper.
  • Only weighs 1150 grams! Folds small.
  • Comfortable, lightweight, robust and soft to the touch.
  • Ergonomically designed sleeping mat with curved design
  • Because of the unique design you sleep very stable on the mat.
  • Made from hard-wearing material 40D waterproof nylon with TPU coating.
  • The sleeping mat is filled after blowing 20-25 times.
  • Pack size 27 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm.
  • Dimensions 198 cm x 66 cm x 10 cm.
  • R-Value 5.2
  • Delivered with repair kit.


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Lowland Outdoor LOWLAND OUTDOOR® insulated sleeping pad  - 198 cm x 66 cm x 10 cm - R-Value 5,2
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