LOWLAND OUTDOOR® Silkliner - 100% Silk - 2 pers - 220x160 cm - 255g

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For backpackers, a 2 persons silk sleeping bag liner helps keep your sleeping bag free of dirt and body oils. Clean is good, since a clean bag doesn't require laundering and will last much longer. (It's much easier to launder a liner than a sleeping bag.) A bag liner also provides anywhere from 2°C to 15°C of extra warmth to your sleeping bag, depending on the liner material. In hot climates, you can use a bag liner or travel sheet by itself and forgo the sleeping bag.

For travelers, a rectangular bag liner or travel sheet keeps you separated from bedding of questionable cleanliness or with possible bedbug infestations. It is recommended—and often even a requirement—in many hostels, and it's popular with budget hotel travelers, too.


MATERIAL: 100% silk - Machine washable

FEATURES: Envelope model 2-person│Packaged in a stuffsack│Fast drying

DIMENSIONS: Weight 255g│Height 220cm│Width 160cm

TEMPERATURES ° C: Adds extra value when used as lining +2.9 ºC

Hans Schwarzmüller 04-01-2019 12:56

Sehr angenehmes Material, sauber vernäht, die Kissen passen gut in die dafür vorgesehenen Taschen, die Öfnnung zum Einsteigen ist groß genug, um beim nächtlichen Ausflug ins Bad den anderen nicht zu stören. Optimal für die Lager auf Berghütten.

m. v.d. Kamp 04-07-2018 11:39

Prima product voldoet volledig aan de gestelde eisen.

Jan 05-12-2017 13:07

De lakenzak is ons zeer goed bevallen tijdens onze drie weken durende kampeer vakantie. Is voldoende duurzaam voor een natuurzijde kwaliteit.
De lakenzak is warmer dan gedacht. En je kunt je goed omdraaien / bewegen in de lakenzak.

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