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Down or Synthetic fiber?

Down or synthetic - the perfect filling for your sleeping bag

A down sleeping bag is the perfect choice if you are traveling in a dry area and place great emphasis on a light sleeping bag with a small pack size. It also offers an excellent sleeping climate. Synthetic sleeping bag is also suitable for regions with high humidity. They hardly take up moisture, dry quickly and are easy to care for.

Before you buy a new sleeping bag, you should make orientate about the different types of sleeping bag. The shape of the sleeping plays a major role for its insulating and pack size. Overall, you can choose between two types:

Blankets Sleeping Bags are suitable for summer temperatures. They have a two way YKK-zipper. This allows you to completely open it up and use as a blanket. A sleeping bag is most frequently cut into rectangle shape and offers plenty of space and comfort.

Mummy sleeping bags are characterized by a small pack size and weight and has a high insulation performance. The shape is adapted to the human body: the shoulders wide, tapering ever closer to the feet. So it stores your body heat well and is an ideal sleeping accommodation for cooler temperatures.